Why is My Oven Making a Clicking Noise? Definition, Causes, and Care




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Oven Making a Clicking Noise

Why is my oven making a clicking noise? Is it normal for an oven to click? How serious could the problem get? These are some common queries we have got from consumers. And to be honest, when an oven starts making frequent clicking noises, it means there are issues with its functional elements like the ignitor or its baking part. 

Primarily, a clicking noise could be produced due to several reasons. It could be due to a loose power connection to your oven, excessive moisture affecting the ignitor, or the baking and broiling elements moving between cycles. 

Whatever the cause, this problem must be resolved immediately to prevent future accidents. So, this article gives some experts’ guidance on ovens making clicking noises. Here’s what you need to know,

Why is My Oven Making a Clicking Noise

Why is My Electric Oven Making a Clicking Noise: Potential Causes Behind It?

Your oven will make a clicking noise sometimes during preheating. That means when you turn on the igniter in the oven, it will make a clicking noise naturally. But if that sound continues, it indicates there might be some problems with your electric oven. 

So, do you know what this problem’s potential causes might be? No worries, here we got it all, 

1. Your Oven’s Bake and Broil Element is Running Between Cycles

There are two explanations for why this occurs. The first is that the clicking noise is caused by the metal elements contracting and expanding as they heat up from a fresh cold start.

The second theory is that the relays cause the clicking noise in the oven’s control panel. That’s because as the elements cycle on and off, the relays switch back and forth quickly to set the oven to its appropriate temperature.

2. Your Oven’s Ignition Switch is Stuck

Sometimes an oven’s ignition switch becomes locked, which results in continuous loud clicking sounds. This usually happens to old ovens as, over time, their ignition switch starts to degrade. So, when you try to switch it on, it starts causing a clicking noise. 

You might have to replace it in such cases. But you won’t be able to do it on your own. Call for a professional who can deal with the open gas line of an oven to fix this issue. 

3. Your Oven Has Not Been in Use

The clicking noise your oven is making is likely due to it being idle for a while. When an oven sits idle, the heating element can cool down completely.

So, when you try to run it after a long time, its baking and broiling element contracts to each other quickly, causing it to make a clicking sound.

There is no need to worry about this because it is pretty natural. However, if the clicking noise is accompanied by smoke or sparks, you should contact a qualified repair person as this may indicate a more severe problem.

4. Your Oven May Have Built Excessive Moisture in It

When the oven’s internal and external temperatures differ, excessive moisture accumulates. This indicates that the location where your oven is set up has a different temperature than the oven, which causes moisture to build up within the oven as water condenses.

Another explanation could be that cooking numerous meals in the oven creates steam, which causes moisture to condense within. You should also look for a leakage somewhere in the oven’s component that might be causing it to produce water.

Excessive moisture is the source of your igniter’s failure. It starts generating a constant clicking sound when it strikes the igniter. And the condition may worsen over time if you don’t address this issue asap.

Oven Makes Clicking Noise: What are Some Factors to Consider

So, your oven makes a clicking noise, and according to expert technicians, several factors may cause this problem, including consumers’ irregular maintenance routine.

Here are some typical signs to consider when figuring out the root of this problem.

  1. Is the noise coming from the front or back of the oven? If it’s coming from the back, it could be a sign that the fan motor is going bad. If the noise comes from the front, it could indicate that the igniter is failing.
  2. Next, check out the gas valve. Sometimes the noise problem can be caused by the gas valve not opening correctly.
  3. Another factor to consider is the age of your oven. If it’s an older model, the noise could be due to wear and tear on the components.
  4. Finally, if you’ve just installed a new oven, the clicking noise may be simply because the unit isn’t properly grounded.

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Oven Making a Clicking Sound When It’s Turned Off

If your oven clicks when it’s off, this could be due to the clock. If it is on, the clicking could be coming from the timer.

If the timer isn’t on, it may be due to a loose wire. If this is the case, you should have an electrician check it out as soon as possible. A loose wire may pose a fire hazard.

Another possibility is that the clicking noise is coming from the thermostat. Although it’s not a severe issue, it’s best to maintain caution and contact a professional for help.

Is It Safe to Open the Oven and Cool It Down Immediately After Hearing Clicking Noises?

If your oven is making clicking noises, it is advisable to refrain from opening it immediately. The clicking noise might be an indication of a faulty component or a potential safety issue. To ensure safe and efficient oven cooling, it is recommended to follow tips for fast oven cooling provided by professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it mean when your electric oven keeps clicking?

If your electric oven keeps clicking, it’s likely because the igniter is defective. It naturally happens when excessive moisture causes a damp ignitor.

It is the igniter that turns on the oven’s gas. If it isn’t working properly, the oven will not heat up. As a result, it starts producing that clicking sound.

Another reason could be due to the issues of its bake element. This element also helps to heat the oven by setting it to a fixed temperature. So when it stops working, it can make a clicking noise.

In such cases, a wise decision would be to replace the igniter. It is a fairly simple repair but shouldn’t be taken lightly. So, as soon as you encounter such issues, seek the guidance of an appliance repair professional.

2. Does an oven’s clicking sound indicate that it will explode?

There is no need to worry about your oven exploding because it makes a clicking sound. This noise is simply a result of the igniter turning on and off as it can’t correctly function to heat the oven.

However, you can always ask a specialist to look at it if you’re still concerned. In the meantime, try not to use your oven too much and keep an eye on it if anything changes.

3. How do I fix my noisy oven?

There are a few steps you may try and fix the issue if your oven is making unusual noises.

Check to see if anything is blocking the fan blades. If it is, remove the obstruction and see if that fixes the issue.

If the noise is still present, try opening the oven door and spraying WD-40 onto the fan blades. Allow the WD-40 to stay for a few minutes before cleaning it off and shutting the oven door.

Finally, you might need to change the fan blade unit if the noise continues.

4. Why is my gas oven making a clicking noise?

If your gas oven is making a clicking noise, there are a few potential causes.

  • First, the igniter may be dirty or damaged.
  • Second, the gas valve may be loose.
  • Third, the pilot light may be out.
  • Fourth, the thermostat may be faulty.

It’s advisable to call a trained professional for assistance if you’re unsure of what’s triggering the issue. 

5. Do ovens make a clicking noise when preheating?

Usually, they do not. But sometimes, such a clicking noise can be considered normal. It results from the metal’s expansion and contraction when it heats up.

However, if the noise is accompanied by smoke or sparks, you should turn off the oven immediately and call a qualified technician.

In Summary

The answer to “Why is my oven making a clicking noise?” is simple: there could be issues with its baking element, the ignitor, or the fan. And at times, a clicking noise could be just a mere problem that gets fixed on its own. 

But the question is, how to repair this issue? This article has brought the answers to you all. We have not only covered the answer to “Why is my oven making a clicking noise?” but also elaborated on how to take care of this issue. 

So, the next time you face a problem with your electric oven, ensure to apply the techniques mentioned above. 

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