Why Are Wall Ovens So Expensive? 3 Reasons Explained




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Are Wall Ovens So Expensive

While decorating your new apartment with your hard-earned money, you want it to be well furnished at every corner of your house. Dreaming of a cozy kitchen, you must think about a built-in oven once. But the expense of a wall oven often causes a mere step back.

However, there are also countless people who go after it no matter how much it costs. I mean, who doesn’t want to have a convenient cooking session?

One of my friends once inquired about the wall oven, including its features and price. Before I responded she was thinking about whether it would be wise to set it up. Then I told her not only just its wonderful, it will allow her to cook in a variety of ways.

So, in this article, you will find a justified concept to the question of ‘why are wall ovens so expensive?’ Let us see how this expensive appliance makes sense.

Why Are Wall Ovens So Expensive

Exciting Features of High-End Wall Oven

Ranges have been a life savior for all time, but wall ovens offer you some extra benefits. If you suffer back pain, spinal discomfort, or if you’ve recently had a cesarian section, this setup is going to ease your cooking task.

Here are the more exciting features that convince the buyers to have this costly setup in their kitchen.

Iconic Display & Control Panel

 Most wall oven types come with an iconic electric display and control panel, making it simple to keep track of the settings and temperature. 

No bending

A wall oven is positioned at eye level. When cooking, there’s no need to pull stems or bend. In comparison to over-the-range and cooktop ovens, removing baked goods from the range is nearly effortless.

A Fantastic Aesthetic

Who doesn’t love something flashy? You can install the appliance by your designer in a cabinet or wall opening that matches the rest of your kitchen’s cabinets, microwave, refrigerator, and other fixtures. The wall oven fitting enhances the elegance outstandingly.

Greater Flexibility

A wall oven has more flexibility in terms of placement than a free-standing oven. It assists you in avoiding overcrowding in the kitchen, ensuring a next-level benefit.

Multiple Oven Setup Facility

A wall oven usually allows you to include multiple ranges or link it with another appliance (such as a microwave) to ensure the maximum use of your wall space.

Where you are getting these extra facilities, you can assume why are wall ovens more expensive than ranges.

Now I’ll give you an idea of how much money you’ll need for the setup.

Cost of a Brand-New Wall Oven

Before installing a built-in oven, you might have done research about the cost of it. In case you haven’t, I am here to tell you how much does a new wall oven cost.

A wall oven setup cost is divided into certain categories as below-

  • Cost of an oven: $350- $1500
  • Labor cost & installation charge: $100- $200
  • Installing service lines by a gas professional cost: $200+
  • The cost of a certified electrician varies between $50 – $100 per hour

That means a flat owner has to keep a minimum budget of $2,000 to have a wall oven installed in their kitchen.

But there is a little thing I must mention & that is – the prices may still fluctuate.

Wondering why?

Well, unfortunately, you can’t avoid several aspects that have an impact on the installation of new appliances. Here you go-

  • Location of your apartment
  • Source of energy
  • Availability of natural gas
  • The necessary preparations service staff has to make before commencing.

So, these factors may increase your expense, but if you do not have to worry about why are wall ovens so expensive, you have more options in your hand.

A Luxury Addition to Your Kitchen – Double Wall Ovens

A cooking aficionado never minds spending money on kitchen convenience. So, if you have adequate space, you may place a double wall oven, which will surely serve two purposes in your kitchen.

While hosting the sudden guests, you can cook large meals & bake your dessert at the same time & keep on enjoying. After baking a spicy dish, single ovens may cause a bit of odor in dessert & double wall ovens keep you away from this possibility.

The price of a double-wall oven starts at $1,250 and goes up to $5,000 or more. But considering the multiple functionalities, it is needless to say why are double wall ovens so expensive.

Till now, I addressed the bright sides of the wall oven, but every coin has its other side.


So, you tracked what’s coming next!

The Cons of Built-in Ovens 

Despite the fact that the drawbacks are insignificant, they do exist. Here’s below the disadvantages.

Height Issue

Using a wall oven is not fun if you are short or have shorter family members. The bottom one may be easy to reach, but getting to the cooking racks and hot broiler tray will be difficult.

Permanent Fixture

 Kitchen renovation and redecorating is a great deal, but this permanent fixture sets a boundary on your kitchen’s new look.

Professional Hand

You can’t just call any carpenter to construct your wall oven. A flawless built-in oven requires a professional hand, and you will have to budget accordingly.

Undesirable Layout

The layout of a wall oven requires a lot of space and if you have a small or narrow kitchen, you simply can’t have it the way it should be.

Despite the pros and cons of a built-in oven & its high expenditure, this sophisticated kitchen add-on is gaining popularity among apartment owners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What’s the point of a wall oven?

The flexibility (i.e., you may configure your cooktop and oven to best suit your culinary needs) and convenience are the key benefits of a wall oven.

2. Why do people love double wall ovens?

You can regulate the temperature of each individual oven in a double wall oven, which means you can set each oven to a different temperature at the same time.

3. What is the life expectancy of a wall oven?

The average life acceptancy of a wall oven is 15 to 20 years.

4. Do ovens cause explosions?

Glass experts warn that when using your oven’s self-cleaning mode, you should be very cautious because the intense heat can increase the risk of an explosion.

5. Do high-end appliances increase the value of a home?

The more valuable a home is, the more purchasers will expect to see high-end appliances installed.

6. Is it necessary to hire an electrician to install a wall oven?

You may not require the services of an electrician to finish the installation of your wall oven. But if feel uncomfortable you can hire an electrician.

 Now it is time to wrap the discussion here.


Modern ovens are amazing; they have so many functions that can make cooking easier and more enjoyable. If anyone is spending money on interior decoration, he/she shouldn’t hesitate to add this amazing appliance to their kitchen.

From their fashionable appearance to many cooking sessions and kitchen versatility, I have listed all of the possible reasons why are wall ovens so expensive.  Lastly, one thing I would like to mention is to try to monitor the features of the oven before buying and the whole installation process to avoid fraud and get the best service and value for money.

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