What Temperature Does Parchment Paper Burn In The Oven




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What Temperature Does Parchment Paper Burn

Baking is an art. I love to bake various things for my near and dear ones. While doing it, the most crucial thing I have to check is if the parchment paper is burning. I have to keep in mind that the paper is not brittle. Does this happen with you too?

Usually, parchment paper does not burn up to a specific temperature. But it can be fragile during baking. In this write-up, I will share at what temperature does parchment paper burn? So, you can be aware and take necessary action without hampering the dish.

What Temperature Does Parchment Paper Burn

Does Parchment Paper Burn in Air Fryer?

Cooking or baking in the air fryer is fun. It does not take a long time to cook food. You can use parchment paper while cooking. Typically, parchment paper is safe in an air fryer up to 450 degrees F. But you have to be cautious because the food is very close to the heat in an air fryer.

So, there could be a chance of burning the parchment paper. You can add the parchment paper while adding the ingredients to avoid such burning. This process will help the paper to stay in place. Moreover, it will prevent the paper from directly contacting the heating component.

Does Parchment Paper Burn in the Oven?

Parchment papers can tolerate up to 450 degrees F without any trouble. Normally, parchment paper can resist heat. Sometimes, you may need a higher temperature than this to cook or bake anything. Initially, nothing serious will happen.

But, after a while, it will start to change its color to brown. Overheating of parchment paper can make it fragile. You need to remove it immediately when it starts to brittle. It depends on the situation whether it will burn or not. If you use this paper again in the oven, it may burn.

Why doesn’t parchment paper burn in the oven?

Before thinking about what temperature does parchment paper burn, you should know whether it can burn. Parchment paper can hardly catch fire in the oven. It is highly heat resistant. The sheets are usually made of organic plant extract, which is cellulose.

After preparing the paper, it is soaked with sulfuric acid. This acid gives the paper no stickiness. The nonstick property helps the parchment paper to tolerate the heat. It can resist more heat than the traditional cooking paper. Some parchment papers are silicon coated which makes them high-heat tolerant.

Does parchment paper burn at 400 degrees F?

It depends on the heating procedure. Parchment paper does not burn at 400 degrees F. It is designed to bake and can tolerate over 450 degrees F. you will need this high temperature while baking bread or pizza.

But, as it is paper, it can burn at maximum temperature. If the paper is left for more time, it could be a problem. Sometimes, the paper can curl because of overheating. However, it will not burn at 400 degrees F.

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Can Parchment Paper Catch Fire in Oven?

Now that you know at what temperature does parchment paper burn, you may wonder if it can catch fire. Usually, other traditional cooking papers, such as wax papers, are not heat tolerant. They can easily catch fire in the oven.

But parchment papers are oven-proof and can tolerate heat. The safest part is that it will not catch fire in the oven. It will be darker than its usual color or even can be brittle. One thing to remember, you should not use the paper a second time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t parchment paper catch fire at such high temperatures in the oven?

Parchment paper has a coating of zinc chloride, which makes it fire-resistant. Also, the coating of the paper can be of sulfuric acid. Usually, this paper can resist up to 425 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. In some cases, it can tolerate 500 degrees. If the heat is more than 500 degrees, it will not burn but becomes fragile.

Can I use parchment paper at 425?

Usually, parchment paper is waxed paper with a wrap which you can find in supermarkets. These papers are soaked with silicone which can be easily used in the oven. You can use these parchment papers over 425 degrees in an oven.

Can parchment paper go in 450 degree oven?

Most of the parchment papers can bear more than 450 degrees in an oven. Generally, we bake pizza or even bread at 500 degrees. For this purpose, we use parchment paper. These papers do not release any harmful chemicals, and they will not burn. If we use a higher temperature than the usual recommendation, it will not be harmful.

How long can parchment paper stay in the oven?

You can easily reuse the parchment paper for baking. Actually, there is no rule of how long these papers can stay in the oven. You can turn off the oven if the edges of the paper are about to get brown. The edges can get burned, too, if it stays for a longer time.


Up until now, you know that parchment papers rarely burn at high temperatures. But what will you do if it catches fire anyway? Well, you need to turn off the switch immediately. You have to keep close the oven window. It will take a few minutes to shut down.

Then open the oven window to clear out the smokes. If you feel the fire is going uncontrolled, you should call emergency help.

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