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Clean breville smart oven

Everyone wishes an expensive product would last long. We all have a basic instinct to use an expensive product with extra care and effort while cleaning it. In the case of the oven, our mentality will be the same.

Six years ago, I bought a Breville smart oven. And it still gives service like a new oven. The reason is that I clean it properly.

You don’t have to be professional to clean conventional ovens. However, the Breville smart oven, which is not cheap, and includes lots of key features, requires extra caution while cleaning it.

Seems like you are worried about how to clean breville smart oven? You don’t have to worry because I will ease your tension by giving you the proper cleaning hacks that you need to know about the Breville smart oven.

How to clean breville smart oven

Overall guidelines about Breville oven’s cleaning

If you want to clean a Breville smart oven properly, you have to have good ideas about the components of the Breville toaster oven. However, one can get an overall idea about cleaning by knowing the following facts.

  • Turning off the oven first
  • Avoiding harsh cleansers
  • Avoiding abrasive cleaners and metal pads
  • Keeping manuals for accurate instructions

Unplugging: the key to all directions

Before cleaning the oven, the most important thing you have to do is unplug it. Additionally, you can turn off the toaster by pressing the Start /Cancel button.

Interiors stains: how to clean it?

One may have little knowledge about how to clean breville toaster oven and want to enrich their knowledge. For that, a liquid cleanser is a perfect solution if you want to exterminate the stains on the walls of the interiors. Additionally, rubbing the stains with a soft, damp cloth assists in getting the proper result.

However, one should refrain from directly applying cleanser to the toaster oven. Otherwise, the toaster oven can damage. On the other hand, to get the idea of how to clean breville smart oven air fryer, you have to remove the tin foil and throw it in the trash.

Exterior and door cleaning:

The outer part of the Breville smart oven needs to be wiped with a soft sponge. After that, mild detergent is used to clean the glass door.

Extra cautious for heating elements

To know how to clean Breville smart oven heating element, you must perform several tasks carefully. Firstly, you have to ensure the proper coolness of the oven before cleaning. After that, you have to rub the heating element with a soft, damp cloth.

Cleaning through hands: what could be better than this?

If you want to remove stains on the LCD screen, you must use slightly wet clothes to wipe the stains manually. However, one should avoid using a dry cloth to keep the oven’s surface scratch-free.

Three hacks while cleaning the crumb tray

  • You have to discard crumbs whenever you use them. After that, you have to wipe it out with a nonabrasive liquid.
  • To clean baked-on grease, you must wash the tray in warm soapy water. After that, you have to wash it with a soft sponge.
  • After every wash, you have to re-insert the crumb tray in the oven.

Crucial drying

To avoid the risk of electric shock, drying the oven is essential. Additionally, there is a risk of injury if the power cord comes into contact with the water.

Don’t forget to avoid

According to Breville support USA, one should avoid using an abrasive cleaner on the crumb tray. Furthermore, one should use a soft, damp sponge while cleaning the Breville toaster oven because its walls are coated with a nonstick coating.

Additionally, one should avoid spraying cleanser into the oven’s interior. Through these tactics, one can get to know how to clean breville smart oven air

Common Questions About How To Clean Your Breville Smart Oven

As a consumer, you may have thousands of inquiries. However, I will be trying to answer some common questions here to enrich your knowledge about how to clean breville smart oven.

Can you keep Aluminum Foil near heating elements?

You have to keep it away from the heating elements because foils reflect heat. As a result, it can heat your toaster.

What is the size of a large Breville smart oven?

A large Breville smart oven can be 16 inches. Additionally, its depth is 12 inches, and its width is 7 inches.

Which type of oven cleaner can you use on a Breville smart oven?

You must use a nonabrasive liquid cleanser and damp sponge while cleaning a Breville smart oven. Additionally, mild spray can be used. Whenever you want to clean the inside of the oven, directly spraying on the surface is avoided.

How to clean the heating element on a Breville toaster oven?

To clean the heating element, you must use a wet dish towel. Then, you have to wipe down the heating element and allow it to dry completely. After that, you can use it.

What are the things you need to know before cleaning a Breville oven tray?

Firstly, you have to turn off the oven. After that, you have to wait until the oven completely cools down. Then, you have to unplug the power cord. Additionally, you have to remove the tray and clean it with warm soapy water.

Is it challenging to clean Breville smart oven air?

Cleaning Breville smart oven air is not a difficult task. Whenever you have finished cooking, you have to remove the tin foil.

Final journey

Whenever you buy a product with a handsome budget, it demands extra care. Getting the proper knowledge about how to clean breville smart oven, the lifespan of the oven can be prolonged. Consequently, your investment could be justified if you use that product for a long time.

The Breville smart oven includes smart features, so the cleaning process is different from conventional ovens. Additionally, you can clean the Breville toaster oven with baking soda. If you want to avoid harsh chemicals, baking soda can be effective for cleaning a Breville smart oven.  Hope you get a clear idea about cleaning hacks, and it will enhance your product lifespan.

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