How To Bake a Sweet Potato in A Toaster Oven? Step By Step Guide




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How To Bake a Sweet Potato in A Toaster Oven?

Thanksgiving dinner at our house turns out to be memorable every year. Mom makes the best baked sweet potatoes, and I seem to lick my fingers for the leftover gravies.

Usually, my family is not fond of vegetables, but there is at least one thing to be thankful for when it comes to sweet potatoes. How does Mom make some delicious baked potatoes?

The answer is in her toaster oven, and after she explained the entire process to me, it is time for me to pass these cooking tips to you guys.

How to bake a sweet potato in a toaster oven? You will find a detailed answer if you spare some of your valuable time reading this article.


Ingredients Required for A Baked Sweet Potato Recipe

Vegetables are a good source of vitamins, and sweet potatoes offer endless nutrition for your health. It will be a serious crime not to know the perfect ingredients for this mouthwatering recipe.

So, down goes a list of all the ingredients required to bake a sweet potato in a toaster oven.

Sweet PotatoesTwo pieces, sliced in half
Olive OilTwo tablespoons
SaltIt depends on the chef

Instructions To Follow

If you look at numerous instructions for baking sweet potatoes, you will find out that they usually take longer to cook. That is why increasing the surface of the potatoes will faster the rate of reaction, and hence the cooking time will be increased.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to slice the potatoes into pieces for even cooking. After gathering all the other ingredients for the recipe, it is time to mix them all together and leave the marination bowl for 30-40 minutes.

This step will help the masalas enter the potatoes’ inner layer. If you have performed all the above steps accurately, read the following instructions to bake the potatoes.

  1. Set the rack of your toaster oven at the lowest inclination possible and preheat the oven at 400-degree F
  2. Make sure that the oven is set in “Bake” mode
  3. Use the olive oil again to rub the potatoes and leave them on the tray
  4. Set your preferred baking time, let’s say an average of 40-50 minutes
  5. If the potatoes’ color turns dark, they are ready to be served. For more confirmation, stick a knife to the potatoes to see if it is going in effortlessly or not.
  6. After serving, the potatoes will be burning hot, so cool them down for further 5-10 minutes.

Necessary Steps to Note Down

Now that you know how to bake a sweet potato in the oven, you should also have a clear idea about the types of sweet potatoes and the estimated cooking time for each category.

The table below summarizes the type of potatoes, weight, and cooking time. Do not forget to check this part very carefully.

Types of PotatoesEstimated WeightEstimated Cooking Time
Small5 – 7 ounces35 – 45 minutes
Medium8 – 12 ounces40 – 55 minutes
Large14 – 16 ounces55 – 75 minutes

Other Recipes Involving Sweet Potatoes

We assume you have got bored with baked sweet potatoes and want to try something new to spice up the dinner. Other recipes regarding sweet potatoes will taste sweet, but if you mix a perfect blend of different ingredients, this particular vegetable can provide you varieties of tastes.

There are ten mentionable recipes that involve sweet potatoes; please try them at home, and we are definitely waiting for your review.

  • Barbecue Sweet Potato Wedges
  • Spicy Sweet Potato Rounds
  • Crispy Sweet Potato Bake
  • Savory Scallion and Sweet Potato Pancakes
  • Sweet Potato Poon
  • Sweet Potato Fries with Bagel
  • Spicy Barbecue Sweet Potato Chips
  • Cheesy Bacon-Loaded Sweet Potato Skins
  • Chickpea Chili with Baked Sweet Potatoes
  • Crispy Sweet Potato Frittata

Nutrition Available in Sweet Potatoes

Every vegetable, if cooked with the perfect combination, can taste fantastic. Many health-conscious people maintain their nutrition level on a daily basis.

Therefore, they need to know the amount of protein, carbohydrate, and fat they are consuming every day if they make sweet potato a regular recipe on their diet.

Here goes a nutrition chart of an average-sized sweet potato.

Calories230 kcal
Carbohydrate45 g
Protein4 g
Fat4 g
Saturated Fat1 g
Sodium706 mg
Potassium762 mg
Fiber7 g
Sugar9 g
Vitamin A32063IU
Vitamin C5 mg
Calcium68 mg
Iron1 mg

You know how to cook sweet potato in a toaster oven, and additionally, after learning about all these nutrients a sweet potato has, why will you not try its recipe?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long to bake a sweet potato in a toaster oven?

The greater the size of the sweet potato, the more time it will take to bake. Fortunately, we have summarized the table in our article where estimated cooking time is included based on potato size and weight.

Do not forget to preheat the oven for several minutes before starting the baking process.

How to bake a sweet potato in a conventional oven?

The conventional oven is always used for large-scale cooking, for example, preparing a whole family dinner.

Despite their different baking processes, the initial steps are somewhat similar in both conventional and toaster oven cases.

How long to cook sweet potatoes in a convection oven?

The time required to cook sweet potatoes in a convection oven is 25 – 30 minutes on average. Obviously, this number will vary depending on the potato size.

How long to bake a sweet potato at 350?

It takes about 1 hour to bake a sweet potato if the temperature is set to 350-degree F.

What are the health benefits of sweet potatoes?

Sweet potatoes contain a sufficient amount of Vitamin A and C. Vitamin A keeps your eyes healthy, whereas Vitamin C helps in your body growth.

Will keeping sweet potatoes in the diet be a good choice?

If you maintain a strict amount of sweet potatoes on your diet, they will help you reduce your body fat. Otherwise, consuming more sweet potatoes results in weight gain.


The next time you fill your mouth with fleshes of baked sweet potatoes, you will remember us. Because now you know how to bake a sweet potato in a toaster oven.

After hearing about all the nutrients contained inside a sweet potato, you will crave for hunger and the consumption of these sufficient nutrients in your body.

Do not forget to demonstrate the steps to baking a sweet potato in the toaster oven. Enjoy your recipe!

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