How Long Does It Take an Oven to Cool Down? Tips On How To Cool Down Fast




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How Long Does It Take an Oven to Cool Down?

Cooking on an oven is simple; you just set the timer, specify the recipe, wait for the final beep sound, and your food is ready to be served in front of your family.

But have you wondered what happens if someone gets close to an oven after it has been turned off recently? How hot will that oven be? Is the person standing next to that oven in any danger?

Many questions are arising in your mind just like me at the first time. Therefore, I took the responsibility to let you know how long does it take an oven to cool down?

Factors That Affect the Cooling Time of an Oven

An oven typically takes about one and a half hours to cool down completely. This answer depends on many factors such as temperature, type of oven, and whether the oven door was opened or closed.

The greater the inside temperature of an oven, the longer it will take to cool down. Maximum dishes made by the professional chef take the temperature of about 350-to-400-degree F.

As the temperature difference is meager, the cooling time will matter within minutes. Down goes an elaborate discussion about the factors that affect the cooling time of an oven.

How Long Does It Take an Oven to Cool Down?

Types of Ovens

There are mainly two types of ovens available for household- Gas and Electric oven. If you turn off a gas oven, the burner shuts down automatically, and the cooldown system is initiated immediately.

Do electric ovens take longer to cool down? These types of ovens have specific time ranges to cool down. So, do not go near a recently used electric oven if you are not aware of it.

Electric ovens contain many electrical components that support cooling gradually and do not cause any damage.

So, in conclusion, Gas ovens cool down way faster than electric ovens.

Size of an Oven

The sizes also matter when it comes to cooling down an oven if the internal surface area is much bigger than the food which pre-heats, the longer it will take for that oven to cool down.

How long does it take for a gas oven to cool down? The gas oven typically comes in a bigger size which accounts for a more significant surface area and takes longer to cool.

There are other numerous reasons to buy a small oven for your kitchen. Small appliances are very efficient to preserve if your kitchen does not have much space.

Because food is so close to the heating element inside the oven, the cooking time increases rapidly. One other drawback is that you can only cook one dish at a time.

Insulating an Oven

There are various reasons why ovens require excellent insulation, notably preventing the appliance’s structure from becoming overheated or burned and lowering the possibility of your oven bursting into flames.

However, one of the prime things to focus on is that the inside temperature does not dissipate to the outside, creating some hazardous situations.

Insulation ensures that no heat from the inside is dissipated to the surroundings, which will keep the inside compartment very hot. Of course, without a continual source of electricity, the appliance would gradually cool down.

But to sum up, more outstanding quality of insulation accounts for more safety protection but delays the average cooling time of an oven.

Interior Fans

This feature is only included in convection ovens but not in conventional ovens. The fan rotates at a reasonable torque that revolves around the hot and cold air efficiently to ensure equal heat distribution.

There is also one advantage of convection ovens is that if you leave the door open after your food is being cooked, the fan can circulate the hot air to the outside, which reduces the cooling time of your oven.

How To Cool Down an Oven Fast?

The only solution to this problem is to leave the oven door open. Though leaving the door open might increase the kitchen’s temperature as the hot air comes outside of the oven.

But it is one of the fastest processes to cool down like an oven, and it is beneficial when you are cooking in winter, and keeping your kitchen hot might be another task to carry out in that season.

So, how long does it take for an oven to cool down after turning it off? If the handle is open, the average time might be less than 10-15 minutes.

Will Food Still Cook After the Oven Has Been Turned Off?

Even after switching off your oven, the temperature can stay hot enough to resume making food for some minutes, especially if you keep the oven doors shut. As a result, your meal may overcook, dry out, or even burn.

The research suggests that the average cooking time after the oven has been turned off is 5-10 minutes. Make sure you drag out the cooking pot after hearing the first beep sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for an oven to cool down from 450?

An oven, in general, takes about 90 minutes to cool down completely. The parameters mainly depend on the maximum temperature reached, and the results may differ slightly by seconds.

Do you have to leave an oven open to cool down?

Leaving an oven open is one of the fastest ways to cool it down, and it accelerates the circulation of the hot air outside.

What Are the Best Oven Mitts for Handling Hot Cast Iron?

When it comes to handling hot cast iron, considering the right oven mitts is crucial. To ensure safety and convenience, there are several tips for choosing cast iron oven mitts. Look for mitts made from heat-resistant materials like silicone or Kevlar for maximum protection. Opt for mitts with a strong grip to securely hold the heavy cast iron cookware. Additionally, select mitts that provide sufficient insulation and coverage to avoid burns or discomfort while handling hot cast iron.

How do I cool down my oven?

Please turn on the inside fan of your convection oven to cool it down. Additionally, you can hold a wet towel in front of the fan to drag some moisture inside the oven.

What is there to do if the oven gets extremely hot?

For future reference, install an Oven Control Thermostat, which will help you monitor the current temperature of the oven.

What are the steps in cooling down a kitchen?

The primary way is to install an exhaust fan in your kitchen. The other things included are using induction stove, microwave appliances, and many more.

Why does the temperature of the oven increase at one side only?

There might be obstacles in the airflow path that holds most air at one side, causing them all to get heated at once, increasing the temperature at one side only.


Therefore, how long does it take an oven to cool down? For those too lazy to read the whole article and find the answer, in conclusion, it is an average of 70-80 minutes.

And it mainly depends on various parameters! So, I’d suggest reading the whole passage and showering others with this knowledge.

It is not a harm to make others’ lives easier. Ciao!

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