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best oven for campervan

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Erica has a dream; he wants to travel and explore the whole world. For those who have a similar hobby, what better way than owning an RV?

You can drive the whole path and watch how people make their living experience their struggling.

My friend could not resist an empty tummy and decided to buy a van covering his food cravings inside the van. If you want to have oven-baked pasta, freshly grilled chicken, or muffins, then you need to search for the best oven for van life.

The factor mainly depends on the position, whether you intend to set your oven inside or plan to cook outside while taking a break.

Without further ado, let us jump into the details.

List of Four Best Oven for Campervan

Three factors are the main thing to consider while buying the best oven for van life- price, efficient cooking, and safety regulations.

Well, I hope we got every parameter covered from above, so here are the four best camp ovens to select for your world tour.

best oven for van life

1. Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

We are coming to you with a blast. This oven will be a great piece of cooking equipment for your kitchen situated inside the van, and it is considered one of the best propane camping ovens for van life.

It contains both an oven and burner stove, which will help you bake things like cakes or even cook chicken curry anytime you want. Most van ovens do not have this feature, and that is what makes Camp Chef’s oven very special.

The stainless-steel body accounts for its durability and can withstand any bump that you might encounter on the road. The two burners have 7500 BTU, and the oven has 3000 BTU, making the cooking time much less significant.

The oven section has two upward and downward racks, which can easily fit two standard-sized baking pans. Camp Chef got you covered with its indoor cooking opportunity if you are scared of the howling wolves during nighttime.

The primary burning source of this oven is highly flammable propane. So, special care like proper ventilation or preservation of the fuel is required.

Still, it will feel like mild elbow work once you know the price of this model. Additionally, this model has got enhanced knobs to control the temperature.

It has a record for holding a significant temperature, say 400-degree F, for up to 7 hours long. So, you do not have to worry about making a fire while you camp on the side road of Amazon Forest.


  • Lightweight model
  • Compatible with indoor or outdoor settings
  • Affordable
  • Can hold high temperatures for straight 7 hours
  • Durable casing


  • Proper ventilation is needed
  • Involves cooking with hazardous chemicals

2. Omnia Oven

Since you are traveling alone and do not plan to return home for a long time, you will have a lot of things to carry. Spacing is always an issue for single travelers.

Omnia has your back if you need the best camping stove for van life. You do not have to waste a lot of space, nor do you have to call one electrician to set the sockets.

You can enjoy your pizzas burgers just by setting a pan on your small drawing table. This model is best known for its portability and ease of use.

It also completes your cooking task in a single burner which reduces the cost of fuel and can be cooked inside or outside the van. One drawback you must bear is that it allows cooking one meal at a time, and this will not be a problem if you prepare your dinner for two or three people.

This Swedish stovetop oven will make your dishes delicious when cooked in a conventional oven. The most cost-efficient thing is that Omnia allows cooking on any burner starting from gas, electric, kerosene, or even grill.

The red-colored lightweight model also claimed to be the best electric oven for van life. The alloy composition body makes it durable and superheats resistant at the same time.


  • Small and does not fill up your cabinet
  • Very efficient to use
  • No additional cost in setting the oven
  • The taste of the food is as good as in a conventional oven
  • Super heat resistant body


  • Cooks only one meal at a time
  • Expensive model

3. Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven

Camp Chef has been ruling with their van ovens for many years. They are a well-reputed company that brought you their latest Deluxe Outdoor camp oven.

The main difference between this and the old edition is that the burners’ rating is off the chart, allowing more cooking options. The construction is composed of steel with a gray coating, making the model both durable and heat resistant.

The weight gain is insignificant; the new edition is still elementary to carry around for indoor and outdoor cooking. The fuel comes from a propane bottle which weighs about 1 pound, and the removable rack can fit a 9×13 baking pan very smoothly.

The two burners have a rating of 9000 BTUs, and the oven part’s rating is 3000 BTUs. Unlike the last model, the Deluxe Camp oven is also capable of withstanding 700-degree F for a very long time.

The safety precautions are to be taken just like before. The flammable propane fuel should be preserved in a well airtight container, and the van should have a proper ventilation system.

The oven box is insulated, which will keep your hands safe even if you forget to wear oven gloves. The lids that are situated can be folded, which produces a three-sided windscreen.


  • Increased BTU rating of the burner
  • Lightweight model
  • Increased interior spacing
  • Smooth controlling
  • Dual cooking option


  • Precautions are required

4. Gosun Fusion Solar Oven

Do you wish to use renewable energy sources for cooking your food? Gosun Fusion Solar oven is the best alternate oven that can be used without propane fuel.

It uses solar power as a source that converts into electric energy for cooking. So, it can also be said as an alternative electric oven. The whole model weighs about 16 pounds, and the construction is composed of stainless steel, which accounts for its durability.

This model’s advantage over Omina Oven is that it allows pre-heating food for at least five to six people. The installed vacuum tube inside has proper insulation, which keeps the hot air inside and the cold air outside.

The power wattage is given by 150 watts, and the whole thing weighs only 16 pounds which means it will be effortless to carry this portable oven anywhere you want.

The cooking tube contains sufficient volume to store food, and it has the 360-degree rotational property, which revolves while the cooking takes place. Any food you want, baked cake, pizzas, pasta, Gosun is right there at your service with its renewable way of manufacturing food.


  • It consists of both solar and electric power
  • Easily manageable for six persons
  • Various cooking options
  • Lightweight model
  • Uses renewable energy as a source


  • Too expensive to afford

Best Oven for Van Life- Buying Guide

If you have chosen the best oven for van life, I’d say hold your horses. It would help if you still considered some things before buying a suitable oven for your van.

Place- Inside or Outside

The first decision you need to make is whether you choose to install your oven inside or outside your van. People like me decide to set the oven or stove according to the demands.

If that is the case, look for a portable model and very easy to carry around. Indoor ovens are more user-friendly since the weather condition hampers them. On the other hand, they will require an extra setup cost for installation.

Outdoor ovens are relatively easy to use if you are planning to travel in summer, but it is a bit troublesome to carry the stove outside all the time.

Gas or Electric

Gas burners mainly use hydrocarbon as a source of fuel that burns on the complete combustion of propane. It creates an enormous amount of heat energy, and it is pretty available in the local market.

The biggest drawback is that propane is flammable, and it requires proper ventilation for maintenance which requires extra cost.

On the other hand, the electric oven has an almost negligible chance of creating a fire, but they are very costly, which might be hard for some people to afford.

Interior Space

One of the biggest fears of van life people is that there is always a shortage of rooms for big ovens to install.

Hence, portable stovetops and tiny Dutch ovens are two alternatives to huge indoor oven types. So don’t panic — even if the room is restricted in your van, there are still solutions for cooking meals while on the road.


Nowadays, many ovens come with variable temperature settings option, which allows you to set the cooking temperature at any position you like. This is the most concerning thing about the temperature settings.

If the inside compartment of your van becomes too hot, it will be tough for you to breadth. Also, the temperature can vary from what is shown on display, so it is beneficial to use an oven thermometer alongside your oven.

Proper Ventilation

Most ovens use propane as fuel; it is highly recommended to use a ventilation system. While a broken window aids in airflow circulation out of your vehicle, you should also consider adding a roof exhaust system to drive smells and potentially harmful pollutants outside.

If you don’t have the option of adequately ventilating your vehicle, you should only get a cooking oven that can be used outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cook inside a van?

Yes, you can cook inside a van, and all you have to do is choose any oven from this article that is most suitable for you. If you wish for outside camping, I’d say go for a portable oven for your van.

Can you use a butane stove in a van?

Yes, butane will be an excellent fuel source as it will create a more fierce exothermic reaction, and it will burn more smoothly and create perfect smoke in your meal.

Can a gas oven automatically turn on and off?

Yes! It depends on the gas cycle. When the process turns on and off, there will be a clicking sound that indicates the oven’s operational mode.

There is an igniter installed which stays on when baking has taken place.

Can a campervan grill be replaced as an oven?

Theoretically, this is promoted as a portable BBQ. Still, it has a fan that allows you to adjust the temperature and a cover with a thermometer that will enable you to use it as an oven.

Can you install a toaster oven in a van?

A toaster oven is a valuable piece of equipment to carry around, but unfortunately, it does not have variable temperature settings like the oven we mentioned above.

For your sake, the best toaster oven for van life is Mueller Austria Toaster Oven.

Which is better in electric bill consumption- microwave oven or toaster oven?

In the United States, microwave and toaster ovens each have different wattage ratings. The microwave supplies 1000 watts of power, and the toaster shows 1300 watts of power.

So, it is your job to make the final decision!


Which oven model you choose will depend on how much space you have available in your van. If you decide to handle your skills with hydrocarbon, go for a gas oven.

On the other hand, if you are wealthy enough to afford an electric oven, you should buy one because of its simplicity.

So, how do you like our review on the best oven for van life? Please take it to your friends and families and teach them how to be efficient in purchasing the oven and get the service for many years.

Life is beautiful! Ciao!

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