Best Convection Toaster Ovens Under $100 – What You Need to Know




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Best Convection Toaster Ovens Under $100

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Convection toaster ovens are new kitchen appliances that have recently gained popularity. Unlike a conventional oven, they are easy to use and help reduce your cooking time. 

Additionally, these ovens come with some popular cooking features that allow you to make any wholesome dishes for a weeknight meal. From broiling a cheesy-filled burger to baking flavorful cakes, a convection oven can deliver them all within minutes.

So, if you are looking for the best convection toaster ovens under $100, look no further than the models listed below. This article has picked some of the finest market selections within a budget-friendly option.

We covered the bases with extensive research and consumer feedback reports while selecting these best toaster oven brands.

However, before we jump into the review, let’s look at a buying guide to help you choose the best convection toaster ovens under $100.

Things You Should Consider While Picking the Best Convection Toaster Ovens

Every toaster oven is designed to serve the consumers at its best. But wouldn’t you agree that even though all convection toasters feature the best cooking functions, not all of them can be equivalent to consumers’ needs?

That’s right. Despite the finest cooking features a convection toaster may have, it’s crucial to pick the model that best suits your needs. That means you need to be sincere about your requirements first. And then, be picky about the features that will serve your purpose. 

Here, we go over the most prominent qualities shoppers should look for when purchasing the best toaster ovens under $100.

So, without further ado, let’s briefly get to the details. 

1. Temperature Setting

The temperature control settings for a convection toaster oven should have various specifications. It will help you set the toaster to the optimal temperature for preparing a specific meal.

2. Auto Shut-Off

The auto shut-off functionality is another crucial addition to the convection toaster ovens. It provides a great safety precaution in case you forget to turn off the toaster in a rush. 

3. Timer

The timer makes it easier for you to unwind after placing a dish in the oven to cook. It will keep your meals from being overcooked and will serve fresh food on a schedule.

4. Removable Crumb Tray

Every toaster oven must come with a removable crumb tray to make cleaning easier for you. Just as the name suggests, a removable crumb tray can be removed from the oven after you are done cooking. This way, you will have quicker access to properly clean the tray and put it back in the toaster. 

5. Cooking Functions

While people often think that a toaster oven’s cooking functions are limited to baking a frozen pizza or toast bread, there is more to its functionalities.

You can now easily prepare some delicious meals, i.e., burgers, cakes, etc., with a convection toaster oven. All you will have to do is pick out the best convection toaster ovens under $100 that feature several different cooking settings.

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6. Digital Controls 

The best toaster ovens should have digital controls compatible with the oven’s cooking settings. It will help handle the cooking functions easier and make it effortless for you to control the time and temperature for a variety of foods.

So, look for digital controls when buying the best toaster oven for under $100. It will assure you of a smoother experience with your convection toaster oven. 

7. Size

Your convection toaster oven should be small enough to fit on your kitchen countertop and be portable when necessary. A compact size convection toaster oven will also help you have an efficient working mechanism.

Best Convection Toaster Ovens Under $100

Finally, the best convection toaster ovens under $100 that come with top-notch features are now up for review.

The items we’ve evaluated below have been in all-time high market demand due to the quality service. And we believe they won’t fall short of your expectations either.

1. Mueller Austria Convection Toaster Oven

The Mueller Austria Convection Toaster Oven has been in the center of consumers’ eyes for many times now. With over 4000+ ratings, this oven has been categorized as one of the best convection toaster ovens under $100. And trust me when I say this, even our editors have loved this fantastic machine as a daily cooking appliance. 

We tested out all the functionalities of this oven, and it turns out that this is a fantastic energy-efficient toaster machine that can toast up to 4 slices of bread at a time. Its toast technology is smoother, and that’s because it features an auto shut-off function that allows you just to set the timer and relax until your slices of toast get ready. 

Furthermore, the temperature control setting is another highlight of this smart oven. Whereas a regular oven can provide up to 350 degrees F, this oven offers up to 450 degrees F to cook a meal!

Of course, you may set the temperature as per the cooking need. But, with its automatic preset cooking functions, you merely need to control the temperature control knobs on your own. Additionally, you may use the convection fan to circulate air for a faster cooking process. 

2. Black+Decker 4-Slice Toaster Oven

Here comes another excellent convection toaster oven that’s suitable for not only small families but for an RV or Office kitchen as well. In fact, this is the best fit for students, office personnel, and individuals living alone.

After all, the Black+Decker stainless steel design 4-slice toaster oven is a true value for money. It only costs under $50 and comes with four effective cooking functionalities! Besides, despite this oven’s compact size, it can easily make you a 9-inch pizza or four slices of toast.

We liked these countertop ovens the most; they are a great package under a $100 budget. 

However, aside from these factors, there are other features to praise. This countertop oven comes with an auto shut-off, temperature control knob, and premium toast technology. 

So, you can effortlessly prepare your dishes without fearing overcooking or burning. You may also change the timer regardless of the pre-cooking setting the oven is fixed on, and it will help you boost quicker cooking time as well as make food warm with a 30-minute timer. 

Lastly, the detachable crumb tray with this stainless steel countertop convection oven can easily accommodate all the extra crimson bread crumbs. As a result, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up a messy kitchen when you finish cooking.

3. Comfee Multifunction Convection Toaster Oven

Comfee Multifunction Convection Toaster Oven

We tried out this Comfee Multifunction convection toaster oven with 3-in-1 cooking functionality: Baking, Broiling, and Toasting. These features are pretty effective for cooking tasks and can deliver the best-cooked meal you would like. 

With this efficient convection toaster oven, you can make anything from cookies and toasts to 9″ pizzas and steaks. You can also prepare a bunch of muffins or chicken wings without difficulty. 

You would be even more surprised that this convection machine features three easy-handling dials for temperature controls. The maximum temperature range of this oven is 450 degrees, and the lowest is 150 degrees.

Speaking of the timed option, it offers a precise toast color preference setting and a 30-minute timer. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about overbaking your bread.

The non-stick interior of this appliance prevents grease buildup as well. Plus, the crumb tray makes cleaning even simpler.

Overall, if we say, the Comfee multifunction convection toaster oven could be a great addition to your kitchen counter space. So, it’s better not to miss this chance while its price point is still at a reasonable price.

4. Black+Decker Extra Wide Convection Toaster Oven

Black+Decker Extra Wide Convection Toaster Oven

As the name suggests, the Black+Decker extra wide convection toaster oven is really extra-wide in size. With 1500 watts of power coverage, this excellent convection toaster oven can fit up to 9″ to 13″ oven baking pans, make you a 12-inch pizza, and prepare 8 bread slices of toast. 

Aside from that, this convection machine is pretty popular because of its four functionality features. From our experience, we can say that this is one of the best convection toaster ovens under $100 that gives you an additional cooking function to warm up your food. 

It gives you a 60-minute timer with auto-shut. Also, to control the temperature as per your cooking needs, you get an additional dialer in this compact toaster oven. And the convection fan allows you to thoroughly circulate hot air inside the machine to cook a meal within very little time perfectly.

In terms of design, the toaster oven has a stainless steel exterior, a non-stick inside, a glass door that allows you to see your food cook, and dial buttons that make it simple to use. In addition, there is a light that indicates whether or not the oven is turned on.

5. Hamilton Beach 6-Slice Countertop Toaster Oven

The Hamilton Beach is the best toaster oven for the money that comes as regular with the three top cooking functionalities: Bake, Broil, and Toast. However, its capacity to cook a variety of foods with these functionalities is praise-worthy.

It gives you easy access to food with its roll-top door and countertop placement flexibility. Besides, its interior design is safe from grease, spills, and drips, including the door style, so you can easily clean it up with a swipe. 

The 6-slice Hamilton Beach countertop toaster oven includes a baking pan and dual-position racks. Thus, it’s pretty easy to bake 6 slices of toast at once. Because of its spacious interior, you may also make a 12-inch or 9-inch pizza without difficulty. 

Besides that, we loved its easy-to-use contoured knobs that are very user-friendly and efficient. 

Can a Convection Microwave Function as a Toaster Oven?

A convection microwave vs toaster oven: Can the former replace the latter? While both appliances can heat food quickly, a convection microwave offers added versatility with its ability to function as a toaster oven. With convection capabilities, it circulates hot air, resulting in crispy and evenly cooked dishes. So, yes, a convection microwave can indeed serve as a toaster oven for all your toasting needs.

Common Questions About Convection Toaster Ovens (FAQ)

1. Is it worth getting a convection toaster oven?

Indeed! A convection toaster oven can make the cooking process more manageable than a full-size oven. These ovens are designed to function more efficiently with time. So, you can readily prepare a dish with less electrical energy consumption. 

Aside from that, a toaster convection oven ensures thorough air circulation while cooking a meal. As a result, every dish is served fully cooked without any burn spots or cold patches.

2. Is there a difference between a toaster oven and a convection toaster oven?

The primary difference between these two kitchen appliances is their heat distribution process. Generally, a convection toaster oven can distribute hot air evenly through the convection fan equipped inside it. 

On the contrary, a regular toaster oven doesn’t come with a convection fan. Thus, it can only generate heat from its bottom and top sides, making it best suited as a toasting mechanism.

3. Is a Black+Decker better than a Mueller convection toaster oven?

Both the Black+Decker and Mueller brands provide the best quality convection toaster ovens. And depending on consumers’ preferences, the demands for these two brands’ products may vary. 

Therefore, comparing these two brands to produce high-quality products is difficult. However, considering the Black+Decker brand has been around in the industry for a while, consumers view it as a more reliable option than other brands.

4. Does a convection oven have toast technology?

Why not? Convection ovens are the same size as a traditional oven so that you can prepare anything from toast to a 9-inch pizza. And as they can produce delicious toasts, they are equipped with the finest toasting technology. 

5. When should you not use convection?

You may avoid using convection for quick bread, custards, or souffles. Although it’s true that you can make just about anything in a convection oven, at times, it’s just better to leave off these dishes. 

6. Is a convection oven the same as an air fryer?

Mostly yes. The only real distinction between an air fryer and a convection oven is size. An air fryer is much smaller than a convection; they prepare meals through convection baking. 

7. Who makes the best quality toaster ovens?

There are quite a few brands that make the best quality toaster ovens that are,

  • Black+Decker
  • Mueller
  • Comfee
  • Breville
  • Cuisinart
  • Hamilton, etc.


A convection toaster oven can cook up to 30% faster than a full-sized oven. They are designed to heat the entire cooking surface evenly. In addition, they are equipped with a convection fan to circulate the heat inside, so every food gets baked more evenly.

Several best convection toaster ovens under $100 are available, and this article has just tried to highlight some of the top-demanding ones. 

From reviewing all the other best cheap toaster ovens, we could gather these editor’s choices as the best fit for all.

Now the decision is yours to take!

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